Frequently asked questions

Is Keygoes leakproof?

Yes it is. The cap is secured to the keychain body by tight screw. Additionally there is a silicon based seal inside of the cap ensuring the capsule is tightly closed.

How much spice is dispensed per use?

We have designed the capsule so that a really small amount of chili powder comes out, so you can use it safely without any worries about over-spicing your meal. 

How long will my Keygoes last?

Each refill / capsule is good for spicing up, on average, over 100 meals.

What happens when my Keygoes is empty?

Chili (or stevia/salt and cinnamon powder) is sealed in an easily replaceable plastic container. So when your capsule is empty you can exchange it with a new one. Capsules can also be opened and closed so you can also fill them with your own blend.

Are there any health benefits to chili?

There are various studies proving that using appropriate amounts of chili has positive benefits on your health. Chili peppers are rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants. Capsaicin may help with pain relief and even contribute to weight loss.

Do you only have Chili Keygoes?

While Chili keychains are our most popular flavors, we also have Stevia, Salt, and Coffee keychains and refills.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes we do. If there are any issues with your keychain, let us know at and we will take care of it. Keygoes is made to serve you for many years and we guarantee that.

What are the Shipping Costs and timeline? And where do you Ship?

We ship our keychains worldwide using Standard shipping method. Typically it takes 3-10 days depending on the destination country. We will provide a tracking number once we dispatch the order.