People often ask what possessed me to create a keychain with chili pepper inside. Well, if the typical lunch menu tasted as good as a home-cooked meal, or if restaurants could be expected to provide condiments like freshly-milled pepper, Parmesan cheese, or few types of fresh or grounded chilis, I wouldn’t be here. And since me and my friends all love to burn tongues with copious amounts of capsaicin, we used to carry ground chilis in small eye drops bottles from the pharmacy. A perfect solution!

But then, a light bulb went off in my head – I needed to make it better, more attractive, and figure out a way so you wouldn’t leave your chili behind in the office or forget it in the restaurant after your lunch. I started to Google, sketch out some ideas, and brainstorm with friends as the idea of creating a metal keychain with chili powder inside started to materialize. After a year of hard work, plenty of expenses, searching for suppliers, and mastering the world of e-commerce, I’ve got a product that I love and can stand behind 120%.

Lunch will never be boring again!