• Great gadget for all coffee lovers and those who like it sweet AND healthy!

    KEYGOES:COFFEE is a great choice for those who love to enrich the taste of their coffee or cappuccino.

    • comes with 2 refills with traditional mixture of cinnammon and cocoa with a little touch of coconut powder for extra tenderness of your favourite hot drink.
    • each refill is good enough to sweeten, on average, more than 75 drinks.


    KEYGOES:STEVIA is a great choice for those who need or want to replace sugar with ZERO calorie natural sweetener.

    • comes with 2 refills with highest available purity of Stevia Rebaudiana A - 98% RA purity extract, which is 430x sweeter than sugar.
    • each refill is good enough to sweeten, on average, more than 75 drinks.

    Stevia delivers the sweetness you’re looking for without the dangers of artificial sweeteners or the calories of real sugar. Stevia has been used as a natural sweetener for hundreds of years. The plant is native to South America, but in recent years has become popular worldwide. Its sweet taste and flavor-enhancing properties are sought after by many, especially those looking to reduce the amount of calories from sweeteners. Use stevia in baking recipes, as a sweetening flavor in coffee or tea or on top of breakfast cereals. The possibilities are endless, and oh so sweet!

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