• Have your favorite chili with you everywhere. On your keychain, so simple.

    Have you ever dined at a restaurant where the entree was just not tangy enough and there were no spices available?

    This inspired us to create a product for the chilli lover! We want everyone to have access to chilli peppers anywhere, anytime, as hot as they like it! No compromises.

    KEYGOES:CHILI is a stainless steel/titanium capsule that contains chilli powder hanging on your keychain. Chilli is sealed in an easily replaceable plastic container.

    • you will receive 1 keychain with 2 refills with chilli (3 refills comes with KEYGOES MINI TITANIUM)
    • each refill (2 g/0.07oz) is good for spicing up, on average, over 100 meals. KEYGOES MINI uses half-size containers.
    • lifetime guarantee
    • 50k+ keychains sold worldwide
    • Choose a keychain / heat level
    • Price:
    • €19,90 €17,90 €17,90 €17,90 from €17,90
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